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Since renewal, saw few genetics around payon..
Just wondering, which one is better? Cart cannon or playing plants?
i was thinking for going both plants abuser and cart cannon geek, since gen's skill points are really extra for my skill preferences..

Going for hell's plant and cart cannon, which for me really useful especially for mvping and lvling..
If you take jokes too serious, then you can't laugh together.
Cart Cannon depends on INT, while Crazy Weed depend on STR..

If going for the Acid Demonstration path (INT base), people will choose Cart Cannon. (HARD n EXPENSIVE)
But if go for Crazy Weeds, will be easier as can go with STR/AGI/Vit/DEX.(CHEAP n EASY)
im planning on making tis stat for a lvl150 genetic :

str 100
vit 100
int 120
dex 56

what do u think?
int too high, change it to luk or higher dex would be better. for me, i think dex should be around 80 to 90 in total and you should at least have 30 to 40 luk for perfect dodge and some other effects luk gives
I just changed to genetic also and some people gave advice say nid str. Because AD formula change.
if u wan to play acid type u must pump str also..str also can make ur damage high..
better u play str,int,dex and luk..that one make ur damage very high..easy to hunt mvp also..
think about that carefully before u pump the same time u can use cart cannon skill to need waste ur acid bomb
Acid Demonstration depends on both your ATK and MATK,so str and int do affect. For each str,ATK+1,each int,MATK+1.5.
Cart Canon also be affected by both your str and int. Int gives percent increases in your damage while str is your base damage output. So both also important.
Hell Plant not really depends on your stat. With Bio Cannibalize maxes the level,you can easily reaches 20k damage.
變動詠唱3秒,延遲1秒,射程12 Variable cast time 3 seconds,ACD 1 second,range 12
消耗[ 植物瓶 ]1個。 consume 'plant bottle' x1
設置地面,可放腳下。 use on ground,can be used beneath yourself
對接近的敵人單體攻擊,1次後解除。 attack an enemy nearby one time
無屬性。30%出血、70%暈眩( 20秒以上 )。 neutral element,30% bleeding,70% stun(more than 20seconds)
最多召喚6隻。一般區域被玩家踩到會解除。 Maximun can be summoned 6 at one time
Lv5時INT每2提升175傷害,學滿生物調撥時2倍。 each 2 Int increase 175 damage. Maxes Bio Cannibalize double the increasement.
依照對象baseLv越高,提升傷害值。  Base lvl higher,damage higher as well
Typically build for fighting genetic concentrate mainly in str int dex and vit.
Genetic has had the lowest hp increment among all jobs,of which,you would be really hard to survive inside pvp/woe/mvp if your vit doenst high enough.
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